Monday, April 11, 2011

3 Pounds Lost and 20 more to Go!

Hi Ladies/Gents,

I am 1 week in to my work out regimen and reduced calorie nutrition plan.  My work out regimen consists of walking at least 4 miles in the morning for at least 1 hour.  I have been tracking my nutrition with which provides based on height, age, weight what your daily caloric intake should be to reach your goal weight.

I have been getting up to walk in the mornings at 545am because there are traces of daylight that can be seen.  I will continue to move that time earlier and earlier so that I can get to my 1.5 hours of walking and 6-6.5 miles goal.  Once my weight is down at least 12 pounds I will begin some interval brisk jogging of the straights on the track and walk the curves to get more miles in on the track and get to a final 8 miles.  I plan on walking 8 miles on the weekend mornings because I can get more in than I can before work.

My job will be moving to the campus of UMBC by the 2nd week of May and we will have access to the fitness facilities and I am looking forward to that.  By then I am hoping to incorporate some weight training for toning and strength.  " I used to be Quite an Athlete", boasting Division I NCAA full athletic scholarship for Women's Basketball.   After 2 knee surgeries the BBall had to be put away for life.  My lateral movement is not as good as it used to be and I even had to put up my Tennis racket as well. (Sad Face).  I used to have a 6% body fat in college and now I am sure I am in the teens ( wishful thinking, LMAO).

I have bought a Wok and I am thinking of buying a George Foreman Evolve Grill-Bake Machine so that I can eliminate alot of unnecessary Calories and heating my house up this summer.  Right now I am very motivated to continue with a goal of successfully accomplishing my goal weight by May 25th.   Losing 2 pounds a week and eating a healthy nutritious diet will get me there along with my Exercise routine.

Please if anyone have great recipes for the Wok or low calorie good tasting meals please send them my way.  If anyone decides to join on please let me know so we can keep track of each others success.   Jazzwife, I know you loss quite a few pounds over the past year or so , so please give me some advice and motivation to lose and keep it off.    I have done it before , and know I can do it again and maintain.

Oh Yeah and the hair has been in twists, WNG's and Twist-Outs.  Natural is the best when getting your Workout on!

Have a great week and please give me a bit of feedback.   Thanks!


  1. Congrats!! I say this as I shove a sour cream and onion chip into my face! LOL I needed to see how well you are doing and how focused you are. I'm happy you've got yourself on the right track.

  2. Yes, I've lost 35 pounds and kept off 30 of them. I am planning to attack those additional 5 pounds as I try to help my daughter lose some more weight over the summer. I will gladly be your cheering section. Congratulations on what you have lost so far and keep up the good work. All I did was reduce my food intake. I cut all my portions in half . . . my body responded immediately to having less food. I've maintained that (eating half thing) and, except for those 5 pounds, which may just be excess water (for me a real issue), I am kept the poundage at bay. I hope you'll take photos to chronicle your adventures. I know you can do it!