Wednesday, April 20, 2011

8 Pounds Down and Thank you warm Weather for the Wash N Go

Well I have loss 8 pounds so far and seeing my body reshape.  I have been still doing my walking but I did purchase some Sketcher's Shape Ups and I am just loving those sneakers.   They are very confortable for my arches and just great on the butt, calves, thighs and back.  Love Them!  I have been at this since April 2nd and I think I am doing a great job of dedicating myself to this regimen.   I am walking briskly at least 4mph at least 6 days a week and trying to stick to a low calorie diet, with foods I love with healthy portions. I have been doing my abdominal workout as well and I see the difference in my clothes as well as on the scale.

Now to my hair.  I have been doing a wash n go this week and this picture is day 2 of my wng.  I used HE None of your Frizziness ( I have rediscovered in my cabinet - Love it!) and a bit of Clear Eco Styler gel and Seal with grapeseed and/or castor oil.  My curls have great definition and lots of movement.  Shrinkage Is what it Is!  Loving the Elf Eyeshadow that I picked up from Ross this weekend for $2.99 with 8 shades and a shadow brush.  I also picked up 4 dresses and 4 blouses for a whopping $165.00 with tax included.

Yesterday I ordered my George Foreman Evolve Grill with 2 grill , deep dish pan and mini burger plates.  I will not have to turn my stove on with my New Aroma Wok and this grill.   Now I am looking for a good salad dressing (low fat) recipe and of course plenty of Stir Fry recipes.   This healthy eating and lower caloric diet is working on overtime and the Water Intake & Green Tea or Nothing for Drinks is Awesome.  I am sure I will reach or surpass my goal weight loss of 20 pounds by the end of May.   Lets See.

I will continue to give weekly updates at least on my hair and weight loss journeys.   Be Blessed and Have a great Day!


  1. Congratulations on the 8 lb weight loss. That's amazing. My daughter is on a similar journey of body reduction. I know I don't have to tell you this . . . just be sure to keep things up after you've reached your goal. I'm excited for you and eager to see the next update.

  2. I'm happy for your weight loss as well as you being so dedicated to the lifestyle changes necessary to accomplish more. I think if you keep your regimen up you'll actually end up losing more than you anticipated.

    Your hair looks great and ain't it wonderful when you rediscover a product that's been sitting around just waiting for some love! LOL

    Take care and love your dedication to the weight loss and the Natural hair.

  3. Congrats! You look great and so does your hair! I love Ross, though we don't have that store where I live... :(