Monday, May 2, 2011

11 pounds loss and 13 more pounds to go

Well I weighed in today and my scales (old and new) says that I am at least 2 pounds lighter.  My new scale which is digital actually says about 4 pounds but it also says about 6 pounds heavier than my old scale. (of course I will go with the older...LOL).   Both scales I hate because it does not say more.   Although I have been walking at least 4 miles at least 5 times a week and most times 6 days a week, my Dinner meals have not been what they should be.   I have been trying to stay with a lower caloric intake watching my sodium, sugar and fat in my foods as well.  I can definitely see my body reshaping as I begin to tone, which may be the reason why the scale is not moving at the same percentage.

I will take Inches over the Scale Weight Anyday.   Its all about how I feel in and out of my clothes.   I know that eventually both will come together as the inches and the weight will even out.(at least in my mind).

This week I am going to go hard, and see if by Friday or Monday there is a significant improvement.   I have yet to take my measurements and keep a log of my inches loss.  I would also like to take before and after photos for Private eyes Only!

I have got to watch my Dinner meals and put most of my calories in my Breakfast and lunch meals and not to get bored and lazy in the evenings when I have nothing to do.   I have got to find something to do.  Maybe line dancing, zumba or get more miles in on the track.   I really donot like walking in the evenings because there are so many more bugs and heat/sun and more people.   I love the early mornings and I have made my way back to 530am -7am walks and getting those 6 miles in.   That is a great time and a great amount of distance/steps as I do a very brisk pace.   At least 700-800 calories burned!   That is also more calories I get to eat as well.   I have to keep my body out of " Starvation Mode".   I have no problem with the calories but I have to watch what I eat and not over do the sugar and sodium contents.
                                                           That is not a bald spot....LOL


My hair is still in a wash n go and I have been using the "Mixed Chicks" that I purchased last Tuesday.  It gives a bit of a different look to my WNG but hey until its all gone... I will be using it.   I cowash with the HE None of your Frizziness then I use the Mixed Chicks - Raking it with my fingers in at least 6 sections.   I then scrunch with both hands while leaning over and then scrunch with my microfiber towel to get the excess water and conditioner for faster drying.   The technique is working but gives a different look than the prayer hand technique.   I have noticed alot more curls in certain areas and the same coils everywhere else.

It seems like no matter how long my hair grows it still looks the same length when it dries.   I guess if I wanted to blow the roots,  I could get more hang time but really with the weather heating up, I don't want all that hair on my neck and stuff.

I did make a purchase of some Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle ( a liquid gel) and some Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion as seen on Denimpixie, Lolakinks and Coilyheadchick on YT.  I am still trying to find that right mix of stylers to where my kinky/coily/curls.  I Love Conditioners and that is Leave-Ins and Rinse -Outs.  My hair feels very soft and moisturized although I feel that I am not getting the extended wear out of my WNG's I tend to get with the Eco Styler and Hair Dew Combo.  We will have to see... it may just be because I have been letting the front hang like bangs.

I will keep everyone posted on the Weight loss journey and the Journey for the Perfect Regimen/Products .  I will definitely Post on Friday when I weigh in.   I am a part of a Lose 15 by June 4th challenge that was started last week on and that is to lose about 2 pounds a week.   I know I can do it and welcome the challenge.   Til Friday....See Ya!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. That can be tough going but patience is key there, huh? Don't worry about the speed with which you lose the weight. And your are so right about inches over pounds! Keep up the good work. You do look slimmer to me. You are right, the Mixed Chicks gives you a very different look. Which do you like better? And hair on the neck and shoulders for the summer is a definite "no go!"

  2. Wait a second . . . I like this hair on you. It looks quite full and nicely curly . . . almost frocurls with greater definition. Nice!

  3. Yep Exactly. It definitely is a fuller curl and very easy to make a curly fro. I think the glycerin in it does that too. It is very soft and moisturized but very hard to wear more than a day.

  4. I liked how light Mixed Chicks but it's a little TOO light for my hair. If I even THINK about touching it will frizz! It also gives my hair a 'Matte' look as opposed to a slight sheen or shine I get from Kinky Curly line.

    Your hair looks great, and I see we all can't use the same products. So glad we have some serious choices now as opposed to even three or four years ago.

    I'm so happy for your weightloss. You are doing so good and just keep up the great work.