Friday, May 6, 2011

Well Down Only 1 pound this week but it my TOM!

Hair set with Curl Junkie products and a bit of Eco Styling Gel
The Weight - Well I am one more pound down after a week.   I was still not as discipline as I would have liked to have been with my Dinner meals but my walking routine and my breakfast and lunch have been great.   I have until 5/25/2011 before I leave for my next bowling trip and believe me, I am going to be a size smaller before I go.

I do see myself toning quite a bit and I see the difference a bit in my face.  I will take it one week at a time and my weigh ins for the challenge of 15 by June 4th is on Fridays.   Seeing as though it was my TOM, I was surprised to see any loss at all.  So I am expecting more discipline and a bigger loss next Friday.
Sorry about the close up (LOL)- Nose looks Huge!

The Hair - well it is hanging in there.  I like the Eco Styler ( heavier) and the curls in the bottle as a finisher and of course the Assurance smoothing lotion by Curl Junkie as a leave-in/detangler.  I have been wearing my WNG as I walk and workout at home.   The luxury of doing a WNG successfully without Frizz has been wonderful. 

I will be playing with styles this weekend!
Here is 2nd day hair.  Wasn't trying too hard because its Friday and my Office is moving!

Have a Blessed Weekend and Be a Blessing to someone else!

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  1. I love the bang on you. Your hair looks great! Some weeks your weight will not change as much as you'd like but you are still losing. Keep up the good work. Again, it is far better to lose is slowly and keep it off than it is to chop the back fat off with a sharp knife only to have it come back with a vengeance. The goal has got to be to keep it off. Lose it and never find it again!!