Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1st Impression : Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle & Assurance Smoothing Lotion (Leave-in)

Let me just say that I went to my old stylist and had highlights put in....well of course I had to get  a rinse over it because the highlights were screaming back at me from the Mirror!   Went with a Cinnamon Brown and Warm Brown mixture and somehow my highlights came back with a Wine color... Ok.. we will see how they come out when the sun is out!  You cannot see in the photos any color at all.

Well on to my 1st Impression of the Curl Junkie products mentioned in the Title. 

Assurance Smoothing Lotion (Leave-In/Rinse Out/Detangler) - Well I left it in and did not have to detangle but I took my wide tooth comb through to make sure that I covered my hair from root to tip.  It does not take alot of this to get the job done (for me) and says so on the bottle itself.  I liked the way it made my hair feel and the smell is very nice and not overpowering.  I used this product after rinsing my hair.  (Remember this is a 1st impression , I will come back by the end of week for a full review)

Curls in a Bottle (Lightweight hair styling product) - It is a light liquid gel and it immediately tamed and controlled any frizz and added shine, just like the bottle stated.  I was very impressed with the overall look of my curls/coils and that even with manipulation the curls were not frizzing.  This worked better than the anti-frizz serum I used by Garnier Frutise.  I definitely saw a big difference between using this product and the Eco styling gel.  For my hair texture and density, I was able to continue to rake and scrunch my fingers through without sectioning and have my curls/coils stay in tact. It had a pretty good Hold without feeling Crunchy and  No Frizzing. This product can also reactivate with Water... So Yay to possible multi-day WNG's.  My initial impression....Awesome!

These two products I will have to continue to try and maybe even mix and match with a few other products in my cabinet to give a full review of the interaction with other products.  For now, these curl junkie products together are fantastic.  These pictures do not give the full effect.   It is a very rainy day and I donot own an umbrella and my curls stayed fabulous! 

Both of these products are not super thick and what I am finding is that my hair texture (fine/normal to low density) does not like heavier products on my wng's but more on twists and updo styling.  I think that is why I love the Oyin Handmade Honey Dew for refreshing some of my styles.

I may have to try quite a few other items of the Curl Junkie line but for a good smoothing lotion/leave-in and a Nice Styler... I like these two products.   I will have to try the Curls in a Bottle with my OH Hair Dew to see if I get the same effects.  The Hair Dew comes in a larger bottle for less money and its Local... but I cannot wait for the next Curl Junkie Sale!   I bought this product through Amazon (Aveyou)... Next time probably straight from Aveyou or Curl Junkie.

I will post again on Friday along with my Weigh-in from my Weight loss journey.  Until then, Stay Blessed!

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  1. Oh boy... sounds good! Too bad I don't have hair! When it grows back I will consider the Curls in a Bottle.