Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back In Twists.... The Switch Up!

Well I switched my hair up a bit and decided to go with some mini twists.  I have just been a little tired with the WNG and wanted something that I could just keep moisturized and wrap up at night.

I have been putting about 6 twist in my hair to get a great wave and curl pattern to my twists.   I have been using my Hair Dew and Grapeseed Oil to keep moisturized and they have been looking pretty nice.  My hair color is very light at the root and I am not liking the brightness as much as it shows immensely with my hair in twists.   I may go and get a darker rinse added to the roots only to make me feel alot better before I go to Detroit at the end of the month.

I have been finishing up my bowling leagues and right now I have come in 3rd place in at least two of my leagues and I am $2000 dollars to richer for it.... I finish my Saturday league this week and I am hoping for another "Comma" in my prize money as I prepare for my trip to Detroit.    Of course everything is already paid for and all that is left is for shopping or entertainment while there.   A good outing there could yield a couple thousand as well so I must be fit and trim and ready to make that money.

I will give an update on my weight by the end of the week.   I have been doing very well with my diet and exercise this week. 

BTW - My Daughters Athletic Banquet was last night and she was named most outstanding performer on the Bowling Team this year.   Also her coach is picking up whatever Financial aid does not for next year (College Sophmore) and that includes on campus Meals & Housing..... Way To Go Bria!   I am proud of my daughter and I am praying for continued success. 


  1. Congratulations on your daughter's achievement. I probably should send her congrats, too but us moms have to stick together! Congrats, too, on your own successes coupled with the financial rewards of your labor. I like that . . . always have stuff going on on the side. Your hair looks great . . . I'd love to see a length check eventhough I know you are not pressed by that. Are you getting where you hope to get? That's my point. Looking forward to the weigh in news. Detroit? Take photos there, too.

  2. Congrats on your daughter's recogonition. Good for her and I know you are grateful for the assistance with her college. I'm already worrying about my daughter who will graduate in two years and wondering how we are going to foot that bill. Happy to hear the good news.

    Love the twists and can't wait to see how much weight you've lost so far.

  3. How is the weight loss coming?