Friday, April 1, 2011

Wondering what to do to my Hair this Weekend

Yes another bathroom shot.  Just wanted to show my twist out after taking those 2 strand twists out of my hair.  I am really thinking about doing a total hair Morning on Saturday April 2 so that I can set a great set of twists for a twistout that will last through next Wednesday.  I really have nowhere important to go this weekend but if I get up early and get a good wash, condition , twist and dry, I should have a slammin' twistout for next week.  It is going to be kind of rainy or cloudy but I will just let the hair soak up the moisture.

The hair in the picture was not set the greatest in the twists and the twists were very very soft.  With the softness came the frizz and unkempt look so I decided to morph the hairstyle into the twist out.   I may even try a twist out with corn rolls .  

I have been wearing my two new pair of glasses all week and I am really getting used to them.  I am trying to make sure I accentuate the eye makeup without looking like a "drag queen" to make the eyes POP behind the glasses.

Next Weekend I have a Bowling Tournament in Richmond and looking forward to hanging with my friends down that way.  I may decide to stay an extra day and enjoy the area Saturday Night.   I really dislike the traffic going down 95 South through Richmond and will be getting on the road by 12 noon next Friday.  My daughter is going to Dog sit for me and I would hate to take up her weekend for both days.

I bought an Aroma 5 Qt Electric Wok today on Amazon and cannot wait to receive it should be a good addition to my kitchen and make cooking stir fry and veggies a breeze.  Looking forward to searing meat as well and maybe even some noodle dishes.   I wanna cut back and get this 15-20 pounds off.  I think cooking in the wok will be a great cooking tool in minimizing the calories.  Need to still get out and get moving but this weather has got me down.   I don't want to go out and get sick and the problem is that I am not doing anything indoors either.

Wish me luck in starting some kind of regimen this week.  Until I get my Wok it will be steamed veggies and chicken breast and Lean Cuisine's for lunch.

If anyone has any great , light calorie meals to share, please do so in the comments.
Maybe we can get a real support group going.   Have a great weekend!


  1. Your hair is looking great! A hair Saturday sounds good. Include some good food, music and wine! :) I love woks! Have fun with it.

  2. By the way... I have nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! Check my post for details!