Monday, September 26, 2011

How Does it Look ? My Protective Style Challenge - 09/25/11

Flat Twist to one side w/ Individual 2 strand twists set on Rod curlers
  Well I have decided that each week or two that I would chronicle my new Protective Style Challenge.   The official challenge is from October 1st- January 1, 2012.   This challenge came by way of a Blogger who at this time I can not remember which one...LOL.  Any Who, I did this challenge for 6 months last year but this year I feel I know even more about my hair and my tendencies.

Well I feel that this year I have damaged my hair with trying to highlight my hair twice by two different stylist and I can see (of course I hide it) the damage from the color and processing.   I however plan on trying to strengthen my hair with this challenge.   I want to color my hair BLACK again and began some Amla/Bramhi/Ayurvedic powder treatments and deep conditioning treatments to help my hair get stronger.   I may even cut it if it definitely warrants it to re-jump start my journey again.

Well I did not wash my hair this weekend but I did this twist style that I only plan on wearing for one week.  I attempted this to see just how well I would be able to part and flat twist but I plan on creating lots of twist styles both flat and individual twists along with my hair care regimen of deep conditioning and major treatments to give my hair the break and special treatment it needs.    Stay tuned to see next week what my process will be.  I am going to be experimenting with some major deep treatments, prepoo and natural products that I already have in my Stash to create something that works for me.   I am due for a bit of a trim, so I may definitely incorporate a good trim in to this weeks Hair Day.

The plan is to chronicle my protective style challenge on my blog and to challenge my styling skills as well as to hold me to my challenge.   I will not have a particular wash schedule but:

1.  I will do deep conditioning treatment at least 3 times per month.
2.  Prepoo with Vatika Oil and Conditioner prior to using No Sulfate Shampoo.
3.  Deep condition with my Heat Therapy Wrap ( just bought)
4.  Keep my hair twisted, braided, bun, and my ends protected as much as possible with only 2 days loose hair. (if even that long, mostly prior to wash day).
5.  Moisturize and seal in the AM and the PM.

I will not indicate which products will be used but I will continue to use all natural products to prevent buildup.  I will do rinsing or co washing while in these styles only when necessary.  I may also utilize my steamer while in protective styles to add even more moisture if deemed necessary.  Yesterday when doing this style, my hair felt weak to me.   Although it may just have been because I was going from one style to another without washing but to me my hair felt fragile.  I did not like that feeling.  My hair deserves better and I am going to give it the Attention.

Some things I will be paying attention to:

1.  My diet
2.  My nails when styling.  Do not damage hair because of raggedy nails!
3.  Root to tip thickness, curl reaction and porosity.
4.  Protecting ends and special moisture and seal of last 1/2 of strands.  Extra moisture and care.
5.  My hair reaction to my regimen on a weekly basis.  updates, updates, and documenting.

Goal:  Healthy Body, Healthy Hair, Healthy Spirit, Healthy Mind = Happy Me!


  1. Thank you Coilybella...I'm checking your blog out now. Your blog is very nice! Looking forward to following you.

  2. Good luck with the challenge. As you know, I am on a self created challenge to baby my own hair. I'll be tuning in to see your style each week. Remembering that water is important, I might also suggest that you keep your hair moisturized with an infusion of daily or every other day drenching. If your hair is in and up most of the time, the extra water will be most welcome. Again, best of luck to you.

  3. Thanks Jazzy, I definitely keep the water and aloe vera juice and AVG going all the time and is a part of my daily spritzing. My hair adores water and I keep my Oyin handmade Frank's Juice in my purse faithfully.

  4. Love your hairstyle and how you ended the post!! You couldn't have said it any better.Good luck with your challenge. I'm looking forward to stealing some hairstyles from you:).

  5. Thank You Natmane hopefully I won't let you down.

  6. Hey lady, if you like Amla, you will LOVE Zizyphus. It thickens your hair like nobody's business! It's a little tough rinsing out but I feel it's worth it. I did a review with pics on my blog at

    I think it's even more effective than amla. It works well also if you henna your hair and your curls loosen. It helps restore the curls and also helps to protect the hair.

    years ago I had my hair highlighted so blonde it broke on contact! I told myself never again.

    by the way, I am a part of the same hair challenge as you :-)

    k, let me go now because I can go on and on lol.


  7. Hi Michelle,
    I will have to try that Zizyphus to see if it helps me. I am looking forward to the hair challenge.