Monday, September 19, 2011

UPDATES - Hair / Weight..... September....

Twist out after 8 day old twist/braid style
Hello Everyone,

At least it hasn't taken me as long to post something.  I have been doing my usual, working, bowling and supporting my wonderful College Sophomore Daughter.  My weight journey has not ended but I am beginning today to rededicate my focus on this because I want to have a healthy and long life for my Family.

My hair in the picture above is a well shrunken twist out because I moisturize and seal my twists every day.  I went to a stylist to have it done ($40) and I was pleased with the service but found myself splitting the twists in 1/2 to transform into mini twists which I prefer much better.  She used Design Essential Curly Cream on my my hair that was slightly blown dry.   While the stylist was washing my hair she noticed that I had some pieces of my hair that were straighter than normal and we both contributed that to Color Damage.   Although not totally straight, these sections are about 2.5 inches from the root which helped me to determine the cause.  I knew I was having a slight difficulty in keeping some of my twists more taut and opted for rope twisting when necessary (twist each strand before twisting together). Now that I know the culprit, I can try to pay close attention and baby my strands and make sure that I am doing the best to strengthen the weakened areas.

This past Saturday I dedicated my morning and afternoon to a hair day.  Here is what I did and the products that I used.

Pre-poo - Yes to Tomatoes/Vatika Oil  1hr pre-poo
Shampoo - Lush Curly Wurly
Masque - Butters n bars Original Hair Masque ( Boy did my curls Pop!)
Deep Conditioner - ORS Hair Mayonaise/ Olive Oil - Heat Cap for 30 mins/ Sit 30 mins.
Leave In Conditioner - Hairveda Whipped Creme  Ends Hydration
Styling: Oyin Whipped Pudding and Burnt Sugar Pomade
Oil:  Hairveda AvoSoya Oil with Neem
Moisture: Aloe Vera Gel/ Aloe Vera Juice/H20  ( to curl the ends)

My hair when finished was super moisturized, shiny, soft and NICE!  At night I usually twist all in 5 twists, 2 on each side and a big one in the back and put a scarf on and then a satan bonnet.  The ones in the back I try to band a little to delay the shrinkage after moisturizing at night.  I did my hair very similar to what the stylist did with basically a braided fan with twisted ends for 2 inches then individual twists all over.   This style keeps the twists out of my face when bowling and exercising and helps with my edges (growth and retention).  I pay special attention to the edges around the front of my head due to thin edges and fine strands.  With this style I am able to do several up do's because the majority of my hair is still mini twisted.

"Shrinkage is a Mutha tho".  The sides of my hair are Collar bone length and beyond but still shrinks to jaw length.  This is why I feel like my hair is not growing, although I know different truthfully.

As for my weight, I have gained 4 pounds and I am on a mission to lose those 4 plus more by the end of September.  My eating habits will be put back on track as well as I will be using a combination of Cardio (treadmill) as well as strengthening.
My lunch Thursday ( Jumbo Shrimp Salad/Jumbo lump Crab Meat Club  

on Wheat Toast (LOL)

Pictured Above - You see how I gained that 4 pounds...LOL.  must be the Mayo and Old Bay Seasoning

I have been surprised by my ability to run on the treadmill whereas I cannot on the actual track/field.  Not as much pressure on  my knees.   I have cut back the amount of time on my cardio to 1 hour as oppose to 90 mins and are doing 2 30 minute sessions.  Once in the Morning and Once in the evening.  I need to get my butt in the gym that I am paying for because I have not gone once since paying the $150 to the campus gym.
I sure could do my strength training with weights at least 2 times a week if not more.

I do bicep curls, pushups, lunges and lots of stomach crunches while home but need to hit the gym because of the nice equipment and for what I paid for the membership.  I would like to get some weights for home but feel almost redundant in that I have paid for the gym with all its resources.

I had started to feel frumpy again as only a 5'9.5" girl could although no one could see those 4 pounds but me.  I have been finding it hard to wake in the morning due to the fact it is dark outside at 5 and decided to move my cardio in doors during the week at least 3-5 days or go out at 6am-7am or just go out on Weekends when I don't have as much time constraint.   On my treadmill I am able to incline and do interval training much easier without worrying about my pores opening and catching bronchitis or pneumonia.  Trying to get my body used to the treadmill for much more rough weather ahead.

Well I guess that is a lot for updating but I will try to be much better.  Please if your interested in logging a weight loss journey, seeking motivation and help or just logging your exercis and foods, I encourage everyone to use  It is a very useful tool and it is also helpful for all ages for reviews of all kinds of diets (discouraged)/lifestyle changes (preferred), Exercise Regimens (DVD's/Programs/Equipment) and a whole lot of good folks and great conversation of like minds.   Also I have met quite a few Naturals on there.   Healthy Living = Healthy Hair.... it all goes together.   Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Twist out looks fabulous. I am fascinated that all those different products work for you. That's awesome. I just couldn't keep track of all of that. LOL. On your weight loss . . . keep on plugging along. Make sure to drink plenty of water (it really works) and keep your eyes on the proverbial prize. I bet you feel different these days, having lost the weight you did lose. Keep your head to the sky. You can definitely do this. Healthy body, healthy hair!

  2. Yahhhh! Another Vatika usesr :-) I use it for my pre-poos too. Love it. How long do you leave yours on? I sleep in it.

    I want to lose weight too. I need to lose at least 50 pounds to be within a healthy weight range.

    it's good to come across the blog of another Christian :-) God Bless you!

  3. You sound serious about the weight issue. How's it coming along?

    I'm also trying to buckle down and make some lifestyle changes. The exercising I actually enjoy; I hit the gym every other day. I much prefer weights to cardio, so I try to get my cardio in the form of classes (belly dancing, rock climbing, etc).

    My cryptonite is food. I adore eating and it's been a struggle for me to alter my habits. I'm getting much better, though. I've found that not bringing it in the house to begin with helps the temptation tremendously.

  4. I agree NHBG, it is my cryptonite too. I had a bit of a cold and fell off the workout wagon but I am climbing back on for a heck of a ride. I havent been too bad with the food but my exercise has been minimal in the last 2 weeks.