Friday, September 30, 2011

How Does it Look ? My Protective Style Challenge - 09/25/11-9/30/11

Hi Everyone,

Here are some pictures of the different way I styled my twists this week.   I will be doing my hair this weekend and posting pictures when I decide the exciting next protective style.   Remember I am challenging myself to create new styles.

9/28/11 Front Rolled to Back


9/29/11  Back Rolled

Thurs 9/29/11

Friday 9/30/11
9/30/11 Twisted & tucked.... Great fully protective Style


  1. Can you come and do mine? I can't do flat twists that stay for nothing!

    I'm going to put my Zizyphus in tonight which really clumps and thickens the hair. The hope is that I will get nice fat luscious twists. Wish we well!

  2. These look GREAT! I especially love 9/29! That is gorgeous. I agree with Radiant Brown Beauty: Can you come and do mine, too?

  3. Your hair looks amazing!!! I am a twister as well, along with my daughters, and I love these styles!! I may have to try some! :) *NEW FOLLOWER*

    Loving your blog,