Friday, January 4, 2013

January 2013: The month of the Wash N Go!

This is 2nd day hair

Well I have decided to challenge myself a bit for January 2013.  I had really been wearing alot of twist outs all summer and fall and decided I was going to do all WNG for the month of January.

If my hair receives this favorably then I will push on through February and maybe March.  What I am hoping to achieve is length retention, moisturized hair, few bad ends if not none at all and a routine that is very simple and easy. 

This week I started off with a Yogart/Conditioner/Oil Prepoo/Deep Conditioning then Cowashed and styled.  I used my As I am Cowash, then Aussie Moist Conditioner , rinsed 75% of Conditioner, sealed with Oil Concoction, applied a Dollop of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Finished with Curly Solutions Curlkeeper.  Did not section hair but just finger detangled while conditioner was in and raked and pulled product through hair with hair flipped over and making sure to cover ever strand and end.  Shake hair, let fall in place then put clips to put a minor side part and Air dry or diffuse slightly.   This can be done at night to reduce drying time and commute to work.

My nighttime routine is to do a sort of Pineapple thingy... actually smooth hair upward, apply the scarf and spread scarf to cover and push hair upward.   In the morning, I spritz with an Aloe vera Spritz, shake and pull in to place and I am out the door.  Not a bad routine to get out the house quickly.  Incorporate that with my 5 minute makeup routine and I am Fabulous (middle pic---LOL).

I have been Natural for 4 years come the end of January and I have not once thought about perming my hair but have encouraged many to take the journey.   I have friends who still are on that " well you have good hair" tip,   Sh*t, where is my hair any better than anyone elses.  Its about learning and wanting to succeed with your own natural hair.  Finding your self and defining yourself.  Everything takes time to get used to and natural hair is a journey for all of us.

The changes that our hair goes through along with our bodies and minds.  If we don't drink water it shows in our skin, hair,. etc.  All is interrelated and as soon as we realize it a lot of things begin to come together for us.   An understanding of who we are and how we view ourselves and whether we care how others view us.  2013 will hopefully be a year of resolution of alot of financial burdens, health concerns, relationship stagnation, and the stress that all those can put on a person.  Baby Steps, Baby Steps but Get'er Done!

Looking forward to blogging more often and may eventually venture in to the youtube world and do some natural hair care/styling adventures.  Oh yeah, Next month I will be 46 and I plan on at least being a size dress down or more!   Even more Fabulous at 46!

Have a Blessed Weekend!


  1. Good post! I agree with you about natural hair being a learning process that takes time. Congratulations on being natural for 4 years!

  2. I the the wash n go. I understand it isn't for everyone, but my hair and scalp really liked the WNG and it was the easy no hassle style. Congrats on the 4 years!

  3. I love your routines and I love the hair. I have been experimenting with scarf updo kinda pineappling thing but don't really have enough hair for the true pineapple. I also have serious shrinkage so by the end of the day my hair is tight and I am not gonna rewet it JUST to do a damn pineapple! Baby steps are a great idea and as soon as I read you were intaking more water I took a sip of mine! Congrats on the four years natural and early happy birthday.

  4. Yay on four years and next month's 46ification. Congratulations on both milestones!

  5. Blessings....
    It all looks good...