Monday, October 17, 2011

10/16/11 - How Does It Look? My Daughter's Hair Courtesy of Her Momma!

Well here she is... My daughter who is 100% natural and decided to protective style like her mother for at least a month.

Let me tell you that this was no small feat.  My arms, back and hands are killing me this morning as I am typing this blog.   My child who did not get up until 2pm yesterday wanted me to do marley twists in her hair.  Well we did not start until 730pm and finished at 3:30am this morning.  I am so freaking tired here at work I could cry.  My forearms are killing me and I have to bowl tonight... I will have to get off work early today to get some rest prior to bowling.

I tell you my daughter has some hair on her head!  Her hair is a normal thickness but a super high density and super curly.  I washed and conditioned her hair prior to doing the marley twist by just twisting her hair to air dry to stretch.  Let me tell you as I only put a leave-in in her hair and it was so defined I really wanted her to try her first twist out.   She has the thickness and hair type that naturals who like styling would just love.  Her twists remind me of Frostoppa where you can't even twist her hair completely to the end because it just swells  but stays twisted.  Soooo Much Density.  She has a bit of heat damage in the very top front which has made that portion a looser curl pattern and a hard area to twist and stay twisted.
I used Equal Marley Braid in a 1b/27 in the front and 1 in the back to give her a bit of "Flavor".   I was worried that she was not going to like it but she seems to have accepted the style and feeling free to challenge her styling creativity with them.   Remember my daughter loves her weaves and long flowing straight hair down her back... she can't wait for hers to grow longer.   Her hair type will be one that will have to be stretched in order to really see the length because her hair can get so compact it feels like berber carpet but curls. 

Her hair with the aid of a good leave in was a breeze to detangle and absolutely joy to finally put my hands in.  She has been staying on campus and always says " I got this Ma!" when it comes to her hair.  I found myself exhausted and envious of how beautiful her hair is.  It is so dense and healthy from root to tip.  Juicyness!  I hope next time she will let me start styling her natural hair.  I want to create some beautiful styles for her on a weekly basis.  I think she will let me as long as the hair session is not as long as it was yesterday.

I will have her send me photos as she tries her creativity with her twists.   For now, My twists are the same way they were last week.  I don't even want to take these down until I need to oil my scalp.  I am going to get me a good application bottle to aid with oiling without taking down my twisted updo.

Pray that I make it through the day with the 2 hours of sleep I got this morning and that I can throw this 15 pound ball for 3 games tonight with Success.

Tell me what you think of my Baby Girl's Hair?


  1. You are good! I would have did the back and then did the front later. She could pull it up and back in the front.

  2. That is what I was going to do but she stays on campus and did not want to be limited so I caved so that I would not have to be bothered with it for a while either. I was going to do everything except the crown area so she could pull it for a high pony but oh well.

  3. She is a beautiful young lady. I just love to see more and more of our youth opting out of the chemicals and embracing their naturalness. She's really pretty and, as usual, your work is impeccable. Staying up until 3:30am doing some hair? Now that is much LOVE.

  4. Thanks J, she called me last night about 12:30am just to say "I Love You"... she said her and her friends were talking about their Mothers and she just had to call me. My Sweetie Pie! She is at College so you know it made me so Happy!

  5. I love it! It looks so good on her and you are truly talented!

  6. Beautiful! I think your baby owes mamma a back and hand rub.