Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cold Season is Definitely Upon Us! Intro to GNatural Products

Please Ignore the Messy Desk!

Good Morning,

I don't know if its the weather or what but I am having a difficult time getting up in the morning.  I know that I have been borderline of a cold.  Seesawing back and forth with a head cold and this morning I woke up with a dry cough.   Last week I got the flu shot which is rough when you have an underlying cold but I have not been totally out of it yet.

People on my job come to work whether they are sick or not.   I wonder when people will learn to stay home if they are not feeling well instead of inflicting others with such nastiness.   Luckily most of us have offices but the common areas and doors around this joint is a breeding ground with such Germy disgusting folks.  Granted I know I am with a bit of a cold and I have started on a bit of antibiotic to protect my delicate lungs as well as I have hand sanitizer as my second skin!  Hopefully I can knock this completely out by Friday.  No need to be sick on the weekend.

I am also finding myself gaining back weight and with little motivation to work out.   Working out is key for me because I love to EAT.  I keep saying I am going to rededicate myself but now is the time for action.  The only problem is that I love working out in the Mornings but having a difficult time with getting up and moving in the morning with any energy.   I am going to have to find the discipline to do my Exercise TV fitness and get on the treadmill at least 30 mins to an hour a day.  Just like I am discipline with my Natural hair.

By the way, I have been using  GNatural Herbal Hair and Scalp Conditioner ( to oil between twists and edges.  This is in addition to spritzing my hair.  One of my coworkers gave me a huge jar of this and I tell you I love the consistency and the feel of this product on my scalp and to add sheen to the hair.  He is a representative of this product and I am trying a few products to see if I would be interested being a representative( ).  He is Bald but I am hoping that is genetics and not the product...LOL.   I will continue to use this and give a full review.  We definitely donot want anything with buildup and with the natural oils that are in this product, I really donot see this happening.  A full review will be done after two weeks of this style and use of this product.

Here is the product description and ingredients:

G'Natural Hair and Scalp Conditioner,  G’Natural’s hair and scalp conditioner focuses on promoting hair growth and healing by turning brittle/damaged hair into healthy tresses. G’Natural Hair and Scalp Conditioner prevents hair breakage and It delivers lasting moisture and vital vitamins that promote thick, strong healthy hair.  Our product will relieve tight, dry, itchy scalp and is excellent for all types of hair including natural styles, braids, and extensions along with chemically treated hair.
Ingredients: jojoba oil, safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, rosemary, aloe, sage, comfrey, matricaria, calendula, carrot, tocopheryl, lavender essential oil


  1. I totally understand about not wanting to get up. With getting daylight savings coming to an end it's pitch black when I get up know and my body is telling me to stay in the bed!!

    YOu will get back on track with exercising becuase you are so damned dedicated! (wish I was. Still haven't tried that new Yoga DVD I begged MP to download a couple of months ago) I am proud and in awe of you with that. don't sweat it.

    Gotta try that G'Natural and thanks for the tip.


  2. You are too funny when you talked about "germy disgusting folks." I can't get up in the morning because I stay awake too late at night. I should be asleep RIGHT NOW. Looking forward to reading your future product review. Maybe IF your coworker used the product, it might help his hair return.