Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just a little switch up!

Hey just a bit of an update as I have not done much to these set of twists.  I did release the twists that were pinned up and swooped to the side to give a different look today.

I must say that I have not been spending alot of time moisturizing these twists.  Maybe its the process that I did on wash day and the products used. I did notice that with the last twists that when I took those down as well they were still highly moisturized.  Maybe my sealing and that Bee Hold Butter by Beemine when twisting is the ticket.  My hair in general is feeling really good with this regimen and although I am contemplating getting kinky twists but I want to make sure that I am retaining just as much moisture if I were to get them.

A girlfriend of mine wants me to make her a batch of  homemade butter/pomade and I think I will take care of that this weekend.  I will be creating a Shea/Aloe mix with mango butter, Aloe vera juice, avocado oil, black jamaican castor oil, and a bit of olive and argan oil.  Should be a treat and I will let you guys know how it all turns out.  She lives in Philly so I will be going to the post office to send off the batch to her.

Not sure whether Saturday or Sunday will be my wash day but I am looking forward to creating a new style this weekend and have been probing the internet looking for styles to combine.  That is if I don't decide to just go on and get those kinky twists.   I am wondering if someone who does the kinky twists would incorporate moisture in their process when putting those in?  I will have to investigate prior to securing a stylist for this.   Monday is Columbus Day and I will be off from work.  This may also be a good day to relax and get some of those closets changed from Spring/Summer to Fall Winter although Saturday is suppose to be 80 degrees.

Until the next update.... See Ya!


  1. Good swoop!! I am in awe of your patience.

  2. Love that style!! I'm patiently waiting to see how the butter/pomade turns out. Keep inspiring us with those beautiful flat twist hair styles you do.