Monday, October 3, 2011

Wet Styling and Dry Styling

Just a quick post to talk about Styling your hair Wet as oppose to Dry.

I find that I prefer to let my hair air dry in twists then style later when it is dry.  I will apply  my leave-in and moisturizer and seal.  I will use my styler/butter and seal the ends again when completed styling.  When styling my hair we for twists, the hair seems alot more fragile and more prone to snag and break due to styling tools or a bad/lack of manicure.   This is an observance that I will have to remedy if I am finger detangling amd braiding/twisting or finger parting. 

Of course we do not want to over moisturize the hair and a balance must be in place.  I like how the gel styler or butter coats the strands for pliability of the hair when styling.  That is manageability without making the strands weaker.  This also flows in to the conversation of fine strands and using heavy cream based products, butters and gels.

My fine strands love a water based product.  My porosity is mostly normal but sometimes seem a bit high due to my color treated areas.  My hair does very well with lite cream based products like cream gels, Oyin's Hair Dew, AVG and light pomades like Oyin's BSP.

Just a quick little thought and post.


  1. I wet set and style but when dry I am really carefully. Curly hair is very prone to damage when dry so I usually oil my hands really well with a light oil like Lisa's Hair Elixer or Burt's Bee's Nourising Baby OIl when styling dry or finger detangling. I also use Vatika oil to prepoo and will do a little finger detangling then.

  2. For me and my fine strands, I wont say my hair is completely dry but at least 90% dry. I then apply product and can be sure to evenly apply then thinking I have and its just the moisture from the water. Some may say you use more product but I say I use less with better accuracy of distribution. More concentrated product usage means better definition.