Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hair Consultation -Stylist Followup

Well, Monday I went to the Natural Hair Salon for a hair consultation to see if this is a place I would like to get my hair done at least once a month or so.

The owner/operator was very professional however I thought she would have done more looking and feeling of my hair.   She sat across the room which I felt was a little unfriendly and talked about trimming every 6-8 weeks and deep conditioning.   Now I have no need to trim every 6-8 if my ends are fine but deep conditioning... I can dig that.  

I spoke of a few products that I had been using and she just didnt seem that knowledgeable about some.   Although you may not use those products, your clientele may want you to use their products and you should be able to educate them on those products if you think their not good for their hair.   I truly believe she is more a stylist than a true natural hair care provider.

I would love to have someone that talks more like a kimmaytube on moisture and protein balance and ph balance.   Someone who talks about my texture and what my hair needs and not just "Are you impartial to adding hair to your twist updos?"   I do want a stylist for those times that I may want to treat myself or have a function to go to.  Her lateness/cancellation policy was awesome and her hair color swatches and recommendations were good.

I guess I will go to her next Friday and see what she comes up with.  If not, I will be researching and trying again!

Also, last night I washed and twisted my hair and it is beautiful.   I have fallen in Love with the Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp.  I used the shine and define and whipped pudding to twist, after also using a bit of honey hemp conditioner as a leave-in.   Of course before tie down I put some aloe vera gel on it as well and coconut oil and Vitamin E this morning.   Looking Hot, Hot , Hot!

Friday, September 24, 2010

October 1, 2010 - March 30, 2011 - 6- Month Protective Style Challenge

Created a 6 month Protective Style challenge that will begin on Oct 1.   I am excited and cant wait to see how my hair responds and the wonderful and beautiful styles of those who join the challenge on NP.

Going to Happy Hour with my Bestie today who has BSL Gorgeous Locks.  Havent seen her in a bit so I cant wait to hang out a bit in Fells Point today.

Friendship is so important and understanding the difference between Friends and Associates is key to understanding self.

Looking forward to a great day and a great weekend.   Holding on to these twists and making sure I keep my hair wrapped at night but the freakin scarf keeps coming off my head at night.   Must be my silky beautiful natural hair!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coconut Oil is the BOMBDIGGITY!

Coconut Oil is the bombdiggity.   I have been using it (Parachute 100% Coconut Oil) for the past month and let me tell you.....Wow.  I have been using it mainly as a prepoo/deep conditioner and in addition to my Aloe Vera gel (moisturizer).

I was looking on Naturally Curly today and there was an article about creating your regimen and two of my favs was on there.   Aloe Vera for Moisturizing and Coconut Oil for Sealant.   Coconut oil penetrates the hair strand and it makes your hair extra soft and  fluffy.   The two combined keeps my frizz at a minimum and is the perfect combo for my twists.   I also spritz water/peppermint to just moisten as well prior to using the aloe vera on each strand, then I use coconut oil and a little vitamin E to seal.   The vitamin E is good for the Thin edges (hairline) that I am nursing after my years of slapping that creamy crack and letting it sit on them.

I am really contemplating a 6 month protective style challenge.  After my natural hair consultation on Monday, I think I will begin with a good trim/dusting if necessary and then I will begin my protective styling.  Maybe with an appt with Jennifer to get my hair done by her.  I think she gives 15% off your first visit.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Larger two strand twists - Only took 1 hr.

Happy Tuesday,

Last night about 10:45pm I decided I wanted to twist my hair back up and it took only 1 hour.   Thank goodness for the great detangling job that I had done in the morning before putting my hair in a puff.

I scheduled a free natural hair consultation with Jennifer at Naturallymesalon in Baltimore (  I am almost 2 yrs natural and I would like someone to give me information from a professional perspective on the overall health and condition of my hair.   My crown area is the shortest area and I would like to know how to grow my edges more and that shorter crown area.   What products will be best for my texture, including oils, butters, conditioners, protein balance.
My appt is next Monday so I will report back with all the details.   Then maybe I will also schedule an appt to get my hair done.

Check out my hair do for this week.  Already got a couple of compliments but also being 43 yrs old I want to get some styles that are age appropriate and will last.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shedding or Breakage

Good Morning,

Last week I wore a twist out of the two strand twists that I kept in for about 10 days.   This morning I decided to wash and detangle my hair and boy did it shed.   I will have to inspect the hairs to see if it truly was shed or breakage.

I am thinking about going to a natural hair salon to get a true consultation.   I really want to make sure my hair is healthy and its growing at my personal growth rate.

This weekend I went to oyin handmade and bought a sample pack.   On Friday I bought Aveda's Be Curly curl enhancer and humectant promade as well.   I have bought these products but I am just not sure if I am using all these properly or whether I have everything -moisturizer and sealants.

I am not going to buy any new products and try to put my hair in cute protective styles after the consultation.   Now to figure out which place will be best to try.  I know it can be expensive but gotta spend some money at least to get the right information and then from there... we will see.

Once a month salon visits, shouldnt hurt the pockets too much.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Even in the Womens Restroom, We talk about Natural Hair!

Today while at work I met a lady name Karen who has a nice short cut but still uses perm to texturize.  Every time I see her we have conversation in the ladies room about Natural hair.   She says she would like to be a natural hair stylist but until she gets the nerve to go natural herself, she doesnt feel comfortable trying to be a natural hair stylist.   What do you think?

I know that when we go to a stylist we are always looking at how they keep their hair.  If they dont do theirs then they surely cant do mine.   They are a walking advertisement for their skill level.    Well my natural hair stylist is Loc'd so does that mean she cant do Loose Natural Hair.... I think Not!

I hope eventually Karen finds her way to the Natural side of hair styling/care.  Leave those straight , sprayed hard curls alone and let her natural hair do what it do!

I am still rocking my two strand twists... and each morning I spray them down with Water and rub Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Gel on them and let the ends curl.  I get alot of compliments and when I do my twist out..... Rocking!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Twists

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This past Saturday I did two strand twists with Flat twists in the front.   I have really been thinking about locing my hair and seeing the inspirations on Nappturality Forum has gotten me very motivated.   My Manfriend and my daughter likes the versatility of working with my natural curls and do not want me to loc.   I would like to try it and if later decide its not for me, then "take them down".  Jury is still out but for now i will rock my two strands for a while.

My goal is to get to shoulder length even with the shrinkage that my hair type has.  I want to experiment with updo's and shoulder length will give me enough hair to try a variety of styles.

This was my weekend regimen for two strand twist/flats :

Shampoo with Ayurveda Shampoo Bar
Deep Condition with ORS
Detangled  (Did not like the shedding)
Condition with None of your frizziness
Applied some Shida Natural Moisturizer
Two Strand Twisted with Coconut Oil/ Hair Butter (by a local entreprenuer, Balto. hair expo)

Every night I put 5 large twist to try to retain my length after applying some coconut oil, then put my satin bonnet/scarf on.

Tuesday - Wet hair with Water enough for the ends to Curl.  My hair of course showed signs of shrinkage about 2 1/2 inches work but that is okay.  

Usually my goal is 7 days of twists and 7 days of twist out.  Usually there is major shedding after low manipulation for that many days for me so I may just leave the twists in until I am ready to retwist.
I would like to try to keep it twisted or protective styled to get maximum retention of whatever growth pattern my hair has.

The main thing is to keep single strand knots out of my hair by keeping my hair moisturized and detangled.

Introduction to Me!

Hi Everyone,
My name is Yvette and I am from Maryland.  I have been natural since January 2009 and absolutely loving my natural hair.   I am still in the process of learning what my hair loves and needs to continue to grow and be its healthiest.   I did not do a typical big chop but did a small transition period following a major hair cut due to breakage.  I continued to slightly perm my hair until I realized that it was not necessary and basically put micro plaits in my hair for 3 months then removed and cut the remaining 1/2 inch of perm off. 

Since the final cut of perm, I have really appreciated the natural curl pattern and the ease of managing my hair.  The trial and error period for me is still not over.   I have found lots of products that I like but have not nailed down a true regimen.

Products and oils that work well with my 4a hair ( I guess that is the correct type)

CD Hair Milk                                                    Trader Joes Nourishing Spa
Vatika Oil                                                           Aloe Vera Gel
Coconut Oil                                                        Shida Naturals Moisturizer
Avocado Oil                                                       Garnier Frutise Sleek N Shine Leave-In Condish
HE Hello Hydration Condish                              Garnier Triple Nutrition Avocado, shea & Olive spray
HE Totally Twisted Condish                              Shea Butter Concoctions ( with Essential Oils)
HE None of Your Frizziness Condish                 Olive Oil
Chagrin Valley Ayurveda Herb Shampoo Bar

I have yet to try KCC but have tried Miss Jessie's Early in my journey but wanted to find products that were a little simple and easy to find and local convenience stores.   I did not want to get hooked on expensive online products and my hair seems to like a "Less is More" maintenance.